Tips For Hosting A Formal Dinner Party

Tips For Hosting A Formal Dinner Party

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We hear so many incredible stories about unsuccessful parties, with situations similar with the ones in a Kafka novel, therefore the need for a small guide about organizing formal parties is a necessity. There are more and more companies organizing parties on different occasions.

Which are the most important details when organizing such a formal party?

  • Determining the right place

The venue has to match the event. Be careful when choosing, because the most famous restaurant or hotel in the city is not by default the best location for any type of event. It is also very important to choose the space according to the number of participants. The placement of the tables must allow everyone to do what they have to do and feel comfortable (not just the guests, but also the DJ or the band, the waiters etc.).

  • Creating the menu, choosing the music and making a program of the event
  • Establishing some backup solutions: money for unexpected expenses, mobile phone chargers, the phone number of another DJ, extra meals, a driver with a car available for urgent charges, etc.

General Advice:

  • Start the preparations early. At least one month earlier.
  • Make contracts with all the collaborators. If someone does not accept the contract, look for somebody else.
  • The advance payment should be 30-50%.