New Technology In Golf Clubs

New Technology In Golf Clubs

The golf equipment market is stimulated by the new technology. The new generation of golf balls flies further than ever before. Due to the new dimensions of the golf clubs, you can hit the ball with more precision. Golf clubs are made of lighter materials, which allow players a greater inclination. Golf courses are better organized and more accessible, not to mention that we see a lot of golf advertisements, these days…

In this continuing evolution of this sport, the only thing that has not changed is the average 18-hole score.

According to statistics of the National Golf Foundation, which provides consulting and research services in this field, the average 18-hole score is 100. In this year’s PGA Tour, the average player score increased by 0.28 hit over ten years ago, and the explanation might reside in the new technology.

For many golf enthusiasts, purchasing new equipment is a part of the eternal quest of getting a better score. There are over 26 million golfers in America, and more than half of them believe their performance is improving every day, partly because of the new technology used in the equipment. The difference between hope and reality is a part of the mirage of this game.

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