Why Live in a Patio Home

For many people, a patio home is a convenient place to live, mostly because maintenance operations and landscaping are provided by property managers, through an association fee. In other words, there is no need to stress so much about a bad electrical switch or mowing the lawn, when you rent a patio home.

Having shared walls between units also provides a sense of community. You can create social relationships with your neighbors that live so close, form friendships and enjoy sharing interests and company. On the other hand, common walls also mean that you may hear loud music and discussions from the other unit, but the good thing is that homeowners in some associations have the right to vote to keep out certain people, by not allowing them to purchase other units. Home owners associations make their own rules and policies that must be respected by the members. Typically, patio homes are constructed with one main floor, so there will be no neighbors living above or below, but only next to you.

Many patio homes are inside gated communities, which means that residents benefit from security and protection, all day long. Some of them have amenities like swimming pools or playgrounds.

Another significant advantage is that they cost less than single homes.

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