The Advantages to Living Close to Nature

Colorado lifestyle - views of wild flowers and mountains
Living close to nature is a dream of many city residents. Getting away from the concrete jungle, spending time in a place where the air is fresh, the horizon is large, in a place where healthy exercise means productive work as well is pleasant and good for your health as well – here are some of the most important benefits of moving outside the city:
– Enjoying a special kind of silence – one of the first things that city dwellers notice when they move out to a place closer to nature is the silence. The silence of nature is not a dead silence, though, it is packed with animal sounds, the sound of the wind blowing among the trees, the sound of water, all soothing and calming.
– Scientifically proven health benefits – the fresher air, the time spent outdoors, the slower pace of life are all beneficial for mental and physical health. The presence of vegetation is known to reduce stress and anxiety and the availability of fresh fruits, vegetables and diary are beneficial for your diet as well, all these positive effects being directly linked to overall cognitive health and the healthy functioning of the body’s organs and systems as well.
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