Things You Never Knew About Castle Rock, CO

Castle Rock is an amazing town located halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs. It is one of the best places to find luxury homes for sale in Colorado, and a place that is full of surprises and things that you never knew about this wonderful land:
– The town was founded in the 19th century and named after a spectacular rock formation on a nearby hill where people used to dig for gold.
– Castle Rock is a center for culture – the town is home to the Artfest in September, it hosts a wine fest with the participation of numerous wine makers from the state, a Renaissance festival that lasts for weeks and numerous other fairs and rodeos.
– The area around the town can be explored not only on the ground – Castle Rock has one of the most spectacular aerial adventure parks in the state, maybe even in the Nation. There are 10 zip lines in the park, some slower, others very fast.
owls living in The Village at Castle Pines
– The parks around Castle Rock give home to large beaver communities and other rare animals, smaller and larger, such as black bears, mountain lions, jumping mice, coyotes and snakes find a safe haven in the area as well. If you are worried because of the potential safety issues caused by the abundance of the wildlife around Castle Rock, don’t be – wild animals are normally very shy and they prefer to stay away from the areas where there are humans.