Design Review


The Design Review Committee (DRC) is a five-member committee created by the Declaration of Covenants of the Village and is responsible for the review and approval of all proposed improvements within the Village. The four committee members include members appointed by the Association, one Design Coordinator (Greg Cook) and three Village residents (Jim Walker, Allan Brandt, and David Culberson) and Jack Vickers III.

The primary purpose of the DRC is the protection of the property values and the preservation of the quality of life in the Village by controlling the appearance, condition, and use of the land, buildings, landscapes, and other improvements within the Village.


Learn More: Design Review and Landscaping Approval Process

Meetings of the DRC are open to all Village homeowners. The meetings occur on the third Wednesday of the month at 8:00 am in the Castle Pines Homes Association Conference room. The agenda is posted on this website prior to meetings. Resident participation and comments are welcome.


Design Review Committee Members and Support Staff:

Jim Walker, Chair – DRC@thevillagecastlepines.com
David Culberson, Member – DRC@thevillagecastlepines.com
Jack Vickers III, Member – DRC@thevillagecastlepines.com
Greg Cook, Design Consultant – DRC@thevillagecastlepines.com
Linda Matthews, DRC Administrator – DRC@thevillagecastlepines.com


DRC Annual Report

To learn more about the Design Review Committee’s approval process for all landscaping and exterior modification projects visit the Design Review Documents and Forms.