A Look Ahead at 2024

The Village at Castle Pines boasts an active and involved neighborhood. Several hundred members of the Homes Association were in attendance for the annual meeting. This community thrives with the careful attention of its 100+ volunteers, active members, and 50+ employees that make this community run.


At the 2023 annual meeting of the members, various committees and staff gave presentations about the changes in the coming year. As always, our Castle Pines Homes Association prides itself on being an excellent steward of the members’ dues and running it with conservative fiscal responsibility. Again in 2024 we will continue our tradition of always setting aside reserve funds first.

Canyon Club Gets a Redesign

After several years of planning and negotiating, the Canyon Club pool is kicking off a major redesign. The infant pool will be removed and replaced with a splash pad and zero-entry toddler pool, and the slide will be removed and replaced with a new slide structure. The project will take place over two years and will NOT affect the pool’s opening on Memorial Weekend. In addition to the facility’s modernization, the new structures will use less water and chemicals, making them better for our community’s water reduction plan.

A Managed Forest is a Healthy Forest

Coming out of the 2023 forestry study (complete study available to residents), the Forestry Committee understands their role as stewards of the Villages’ most valuable asset. In 2024, four major common areas will be cleaned up, and any dead or stressed trees will be removed. Homeowners with stressed trees on their property will be informed of such. In addition to the attractiveness of the cleaned-up areas and the increased health of the remaining forest by removing trees that attract pests, there is the added component of improving the neighborhood’s fire mitigation.

The BMW Championship Calls the Village at Castle Pines “Home” in 2024

Of course, the biggest news is the return of professional golf to the Village with the BMW Championship. The BMW Championship has been around in some form since 1899. In 2007, BMW became the title sponsor, and in 2024, it’s coming to the Castle Pines Golf Club. The golf tournament is the second of three championships in the FedEx Cup.


Western Professional Golf Association hosts the event, and the Castle Pines Golf Club is the venue. And, of course, The PGA (Professional Golfers Association) will oversee the competition, and NBC will be the television broadcast partner. This event is massive. There will be 2,300 volunteers, 120,000+ attendees, hundreds of vendors and hospitality, 50 hours of televised golf to 22 million viewers.


And the Village Homes Association wants to celebrate this impressive event with its residents. The Castle Pines Homes Association will host watch parties, live music, barbecues, and more.   

In addition, there were updates on the budget, trash service, cellular coverage, water reduction efforts, and more for 2024. Two board seats were voted on and filled as well. As always, our well-run Homes Association means resident dues are spent enhancing the community and making it a safe, beautiful, engaging place to live. With 22 million viewers catching glimpses of the neighborhood on NBC this summer, the secret may soon be out.