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Village Committees

Neighborhood Clubs and Committees

The Village at Castle Pines offers a robust collection of committees that members of our community can join.  These committees play a vital role in community life.

Design Review Committee (DRC) 

The Design Review Committee is responsible for the review and approval of all proposed improvements within the Village. This group ensures the protection of property values and quality of life by overseeing the appearance, condition, and use of the land, buildings, landscapes, and other improvements.

Emergency Services Committee (ESC)

This group creates a long-term vision for the community’s safety and provides oversight and feedback on the emergency services operation and performance.

Enforcement Committee (EC)

The Enforcement Committee conducts monthly hearings to determine whether violations of the covenants have occurred and, if so, to impose sanctions including fines or other penalties.

Forest Stewardship Committee (FSC)

This hard-working group ensures that our number one community value is maintained.  This team also monitors our forested areas for fire mitigation and keeps a close eye out for the pine beetle.

Long Range Planning & Finance Committee (LRP&F)

This group was formed to oversee budgeting and long-term spending.  While each committee has its own budget, this group ensures oversight of the entire budget.

Parks & Recreation Committee (PRC)

This committee guides the future recreational development in the community through prudent additions and maintenance. the oversight of the existing facilities and the addition of new facilities to ensure all enhancements will complement the natural environment and beauty of the community, be easy to maintain, and receive maximum use by the community. In addition to the facility oversight, this committee also manages the trails, open space, and common area landscaping. Events are planned to attract participation and foster a sense of community.

Technology Committee (TC)

This group maintains a master technology plan for The Village at Castle Pines. In addition to the Master Plan, this group supports the technology needs of the various groups and Homes Association.

Village Communications Committee (VCC)

The Communications Committee is responsible for overseeing the communications to village residents through the Village Reporter, the Village Weekly email, the website, and the gate signs.

Wildlife Committee (WC)

Living with the diverse wildlife of the Village requires an ongoing commitment to understanding and informing residents of the best way to peacefully coexist. In addition to providing excellent information, the wildlife committee is also committed to helping residents with injured, ill, or aggressive animals.

Marketing Committee (MC)

The marketing committee focuses its efforts on external audiences:  potential residents, realtors, and outside community members. Marketing is focused on communicating the value of our community amenities and services, supporting home sales, and the external communication channels including the website, printed brochures, and social media.