To maintain the aesthetic standards of the Village at Castle Pines, representatives of Emergency Services and the Homes Association Compliance Coordinator will routinely report and monitor covenant violations.

Some common covenant enforcement issues include:

  • Incessant dog barking
  • Street and overnight parking
  • Dead trees
  • Overgrown weeds or unkempt landscaping
  • Other excessive nuisance activities or conditions

If you have any questions regarding covenant enforcement please contact the Compliance Coordinator at 303-814-1345. All calls are confidential.

If a representative from Emergency Services or the Compliance Coordinator confirms the violation, it is photographed and a letter is sent to the responsible homeowner requesting that the issue be resolved as soon as possible. If necessary, a second letter is sent within a one-week time frame to either resolve the problem or notify the Homes Association with a plan for action regarding the problem. If this deadline is not met, the problem is turned over to the resident-volunteer Enforcement Committee to be heard at their next hearing. The Enforcement Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, at 3 pm, CPHA conference room. Throughout the process, it is in the best interest of the homeowner to be in contact with the Homes Association.

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