Pets in the


The Founders of the Village at Castle Pines, with the creation of the Village Covenants, Rules and Regulations, understood the value of this unique quiet mountain setting with its wildlife, and recognized that these assets should be protected and maintained for the enjoyment of all.

The Founders also recognized many homeowners would want to enjoy the companionship of “household” pets.

The Rules and Regulations were written to accomplish these objectives. If all of us simply follow the basic rules out of common courtesy and respect for each other, most conflicts involving pets in the Village will be avoided.

What pets are approved within the Village at Castle Pines?

 No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be kept, raised, or bred in any dwelling unit other than dogs, cats, or other “household” pets in such numbers not to constitute a nuisance.

My neighbor has an “invisible fence type” dog run that covers the majority of the property, what are the rules of invisible fences, and do they require approval by the DRC?

Yes, the DRC must approve all outdoor controlled areas for dogs including kennels, dog runs, and invisible fence enclosures. All such enclosures must not be visible from other parcels, common areas, or golf courses and all enclosures will be screened from the view of these neighboring properties. No animal may be kept in any location, which is visible from any other parcel, common area, or golf course except as approved by the Design Review Committee.

My neighbor’s dog is outside and unattended during the day, is this allowed?

All authorized pets in the Village are “household” pets and should be kept within the house the vast majority of the time. All dogs, when outside, must be attended to and under direct control by the owner on a leash or kept in a controlled area on the owner’s property, such as an approved dog run, kennel, or “invisible fence type” dog run. In addition, no animal or structure associated with any animal may be kept in any location, which is visible from any other parcel, common area, or the golf course except as approved by the Design Review Committee.

At times my neighbor’s dog is a nuisance with its excessive barking, what can be done about this?

Any animal which creates any nuisance by continual barking, causing damage to other people’s property, or otherwise disturbing persons or other animals must be controlled. Any dog that is running loose in the Village, not under direct leash control and off its owners’ property, may be removed by County Animal Control. Emergency Services may issue a Notice of Violation which may also result in a fine.

What are the rules concerning walking one’s dog on trails, paths, or along the roadways in the Village at Castle Pines?

In the Village, dogs must remain on a leash and under the direct control of the handler when not on the owners’ property. This assures safety and shows respect for others and also prevents dogs from harassing wildlife. Emergency Services will issue a Notice of Violation if they observe a dog off-leash. In addition, when not on their own property, owners are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their dog with “mutt mitts”, plastic bags, or other similar manner and disposing of the waste at their home or in a waste receptacle at one of the many mutt mitt stations located throughout the Village.

Where are the Mutt Mitts and Doggie Waste Stations

In a joint effort, the CPHA and the CPMD have installed several doggie waste stations around the Village. In an effort to maintain the beauty of our natural community, we request that residents clean up after their pets and dispose of the bag at their homes or at one of the many mutt mitt receptacles located throughout the Village. Together we can keep our community clean. Here are the Mutt-Mitt stations throughout the Village. Map of mutt mitt stations around the Village.

Is there a designed off-leash area in the Village

No, all dogs must be leashed while not on the owner’s property in the Village. However, there are several areas outside the Village where you can let your dog run off-leash. Castle Rock has an area just east of the County Fair Grounds; Douglas County has a similar area just east of Surrey Ridge, off I-25 at the  Castle Pines Parkway exit then north; and there is a great off-leash area in Chatfield State Park at the Wadsworth exit off of C-470. Dogs that are found running loose in the Village and do not have identifiable tags, and the homeowners cannot be located, ES will take the animal to the Buddy Center of the Dumb Friends League, located at 4556 Castleton Court, in Castle Rock. Phone: 303-751-5772

The Wildlife Committee Recommends Vaccinating Your Cat or Dog

While this is not a covenant requirement of the community, vaccinations (immunizations) are highly recommended for all dogs and cats, whether they spend time out of doors or not. Potential contact with the wildlife in our community is possible even if your household pet is primarily an indoor pet, and this contact could result in illness. To learn more about this important safeguard for your household pet, click here: Vaccinating Dogs and Cats

Where are the rules contained concerning “household pets”?

If you want to learn more about these rules, they are contained in the following documents: Castle Pines Declaration and Agreement Creating Covenants, Restrictions and Easements Rules and Regulations

What should one do if rules are not being followed?

If any resident finds others are not following the basic rules as discussed above, please contact Emergency Services at 303-660-6447.