Parks and Recreation


The Parks and Recreation Committee’s (P&R) mission is to guide the future recreational development of The Village at Castle Pines through prudent additions and maintenance of facilities.

This will be accomplished through recommendations to the Homes Association Board, oversight of the existing facilities, and development of new, quality amenities at reasonable costs that will:

  • Compliment the natural environment and beauty of the community
  • Create minimal disruption of the natural setting
  • Be easy to maintain
  • Receive maximum use by the community.

Additional oversight responsibilities include maintenance of trails, open spaces, and landscaping at the gates. The planning and hosting of community events is also a Parks and Recreation Committee’s responsibility.

Events are planned to attract participation by Village residents and to foster a sense of community and spirit throughout the neighborhood.

Please give us your suggestions for events you would like to see: admin@thevillagecastlepines.com

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The Committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 1 pm at the CPHA office.

Parks and Recreation Committee Members:
Michael Vernon, Chairperson

Filicia Dodson

Wendy Ingraham

Terry Kowalsky

Elaine Thorndike

David Carroll

Dan Barry

Parks and Recreation Committee Documents:
P&R Annual Report
P&R Committee Charter