CPES officers are proud professionals that are highly trained to provide quality assistance to Village residents and guests.

The department provides continuing education and training to assure that the officers remain at the forefront of their profession.

Chief of Emergency Services:
Matt Wortsman – mwortsman@thevillagecastlepines.com

Emergency Services Administrator:
Steve Camino – esadmin@thevillagecastlepines.com

Medical: CPES staffs a number of certified Emergency Medical Technicians with continuing education provided on a regular basis.

  • Most of the Officers staffed by Emergency Services are CPR/AED certified.
  • ES vehicles are equipped with Automated External Defibrillators as well as basic lifesaving supplies.

Duty-Related Experience: CPES Officers have a wide variety of job-related experience including, but not limited to emergency medical service, CPR, various aspects of law enforcement, security, firearms training, firefighting and military backgrounds.

  • All Patrol Officers are required to qualify in a certified law enforcement firearms training program and receive monthly continuing education in various aspects of their jobs.

The department is divided into three divisions: Patrol, Dispatch, and Access Control. All three of these divisions work together, striving to provide the best and most professional service possible to every member of our community. CPHA assessments fund the operations of this department.

The Patrol Division
The Patrol Division of Emergency Service is a division of the Castle Pines Homes Association and is structured to operate similar to a city police department. ES Patrol Officers travel in marked patrol cars equipped with emergency equipment. Patrol Officers are scheduled throughout a 24-hour period, seven days a week to provide a safe and secure for people to live and work. CPES is able to respond to any call for service anywhere within the Village.

Some of the services provided by the CPES Patrol Division include:

  • Patrolling all areas of the Village to deter, detect and eliminate mischievous and/or criminal activity.
  • Enforcing the Title 42 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (Uniform Traffic Code), as adopted by the Castle Pines Homes Association.
  • Responding to all medical emergencies that occur within the Village.
  • Responding to all alarms that occur within the Village, including fire, medical, panic, burglary and administrative alarms such as power failure alerts and low-temperature alerts.
  • Assisting homeowners with a variety of different situations including lockouts, vehicle jump-starts, animal control issues, freeing stuck or disabled vehicles, and many other situations.

While Castle Pines Emergency Services is not a post-certified police agency, CPES Patrol Officers do carry firearms, ASP batons, Oleoresin Capsicum Spray (pepper spray, or “OC”), handcuffs, and a variety of other tools necessary to help them perform their job effectively.

All Officers are thoroughly trained in the use of the above-mentioned security tools and equipment and are required to successfully pass the same training courses that a police officer must complete before they are authorized by the department to carry or use them on duty.

Many of our Patrol Officers have prior law enforcement experience, are post-certified, and have military and/or security experience. Additionally, several full-time Patrol Officers are certified as instructors in the areas of Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT), Chemical Agents (OC Spray), Law Enforcement Firearms Training, and CPR/AED/Basic First Aid.

CPES has the ability to provide life-saving services to the community during a critical incident. All full-time CPES Patrol Officers are required to become State-Certified Emergency Medical Technicians, if they are not already certified at the time of hiring. Because CPES is located within the boundaries of the Village community the CPES department has the ability to respond quickly to anywhere within the Village.

Dispatch is located inside the CPHA building. The Dispatch Center is equipped with the most current in radio, alarm and CCTV monitoring technology. Dispatch Officers undergo intensive, localized training specific to the unique needs of the Village community. A call from a resident to the Dispatch Center for assistance, gate clearance, general questions or for an emergency are routed through the Dispatch Officer on duty.

Responsibilities of our Dispatchers include:

  • Monitoring the alarm systems for every home in The Village at Castle Pines and initiating the proper response from the Patrol Division when alarms are received.
  • Dealing directly with South Metro Fire Rescue and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to initiate and direct further medical and/or law enforcement response when needed.
  • Fielding complaints, questions, or calls for service from homeowners, guests, or persons working inside the Village.
  • Issuing transponders, Fitness Center access cards, and pool passes to Village residents.
  • Issuing vehicle passes for contractors and construction workers.
  • Monitoring the surveillance systems (CCTV) in place at all gated entry points and at all of the CPHA facilities.
  • Entering guest clearances and homeowner information into our access control database.

CPES Gate Officers are the most well-known faces of the Emergency Services department. They are responsible for admitting all guests and homeowners to the Village (during staffed hours), providing directions and maps to guests and service personnel, and they are instrumental in aiding the Patrol Division by keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings and reporting any suspicious activity that they may see. A smile, a wave, and some friendly conversations are always welcome on the way into our community, so please don’t hesitate to stop and say hello!

Employment OpportunitiesShould you wish to be considered for current or future openings, please forward your letter of intent, a resume, and an Application for Employment form by fax to 303.688.4992 or email to esadmin@thevillagecastlepines.com