The Village at Castle Pines maintains its own in-house Emergency Services department, which supplements the services provided by Douglas County and South Metro Fire Rescue Authority. Castle Pines Emergency Services (CPES) is responsible for providing Safety, Security, and Service to the residents and visitors of the Village at Castle Pines.

Funded by homeowner assessments, CPES is staffed 24/7, including holidays. CPES dispatch and administrative offices are located in the CPHA building.

 Fitness Center Access Cards – Transponders for gate access and Access Cards to enter the Village Lake Fitness Center can be purchased at the CPES window in the Homes Association office. Transponders are installed in your vehicle(s) by an ES Dispatch officer. Only residents may purchase a transponder. Transponder fees, required documentation, and hours of sale

Alarm/Fire Monitoring – CPES monitors all alarm systems and coordinates the appropriate response to all alarms. In conjunction with CPES officers, your alarm system provides a high level of security. Your home alarm system needs a working landline in order to be operable. Notify Emergency Services prior to the initiation of any testing. CPES Alarm and Fire Monitoring service

Documentation for your Homeowner’s Insurance – If your insurance provider has requested documentation that your home has alarm monitoring, please contact CPES dispatch and we can provide you a letter.

Covenant Enforcement – At the direction of the CPHA, CPES helps to monitor the Village for covenant violations. Please visit the Covenant Enforcement page to view the CPHA’s CC&R’s and Rules and Regulations.
Covenant Enforcement

Traffic Safety & Parking – CPES monitors traffic and parking in the Village. Please use caution and be aware as you drive through the Village and observe/obey the posted speed limits. In most areas, the Village speed limit is 25mph. It is the policy of CPES to remain visible at all times when conducting speed monitoring activities. Overnight parking is prohibited in the Village. Residents that need overnight parking in an unforeseen emergency or for driveway resurfacing must first call CPES to create a parking plan.
Speed Enforcement and Notices of Violation (NOV)

Home Vacation Monitoring – an ES officer will conduct regular visits to your home while you are away. Residents need to fill out and submit a Vacation Check Request Form. Learn more about the Home Vacation Monitoring service by contacting ES at 303-688-6447.
Vacation Check Request Form
Vacation Tips from ES

Moving In and Out of the Village – Many streets within the Village will not accommodate moving vans in front of residences and may require the use of shuttle trucks. Overnight parking on street is not allowed. Approved moving hours are 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday. No moving trucks are allowed on Sundays or Holidays. Prior approval must be obtained from Emergency Services for all moving trucks coming into the Village at least 72 hours prior to the move and must be escorted by an ES Officer. For assistance please contact Emergency Services at 303-952-0924 or [email protected]. After Hours and Weekends: Contact Emergency Services Dispatch at 303-688-6447
Moving Van Notification Form

Wildlife – It is the policy of the CPHA not to remove, destroy or otherwise interfere with the natural environment and wildlife within our community. Please contact ES dispatch and they can connect you with the Division of Wildlife to handle most wildlife-related problems. The Wildlife Committee also provides a hotline for all residents to ask questions and/or report wildlife issues: 303-952-0932. To learn more about the wildlife in our community visit the Wildlife Committee’s page.

Vehicle Assistance – We are available to help with minor vehicle problems, such as a jump start, roadside safety, and courtesy rides. Call ES dispatch for assistance.

Courtesy Rides – ES patrol officers will provide courtesy rides within the Village should you be concerned that you are unable to drive yourself safely home. Call ES dispatch at 303-688-6447. We will be there with fast, friendly service to anywhere in the Village.

General Assistance – CPES officers often can assist in solving minor problems with alarm systems, shutting off the water, gas, etc.

Contact Us
ES Office: 303-688- 6447
Gate Clearance: 303-688-6446
Fax: 303-688-4992.
[email protected]