Traffic Patrol and Speed Enforcement

Speed Enforcement

CPES monitors traffic and parking in the Village, enforcing the speed limits, parking, and other vehicle monitoring. 

Please use caution and be aware as you drive through the Village and observe/obey the posted speed limits. In most areas Village speed limit is 25mph.

In an effort to raise awareness s “Speed Cart” may be placed in various locations throughout the Village to assist drivers in monitoring their speed. Notices of Violation (NOV) will be issued when warranted. Please note that ES uses speed monitoring devices in their patrol vehicles. It is the policy of CPES to remain visible at all times when conducting speed monitoring activities.

Castle Pines Emergency Services vehicles are equipped with red and blue emergency lights and sirens to allow officers to respond to fire alarms, medical alarms and other emergency calls for service within the Village. The Douglas County Sheriff certifies the department to use those emergency lights and sirens to respond to those types of calls. Colorado traffic code requires drivers to yield the right of way to emergency vehicles when their emergency equipment is activated. Please remember to yield the right of way to responding units from the Sheriff’s Office, the South Metro Fire District, and Emergency Services.


Speeding Violations & Potential Fines
In December 2013 the CPHA Board of Directors approved a resolution to change the presumptive fines for speeding. For speeding up to 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit the first infraction is a written warning; for an infraction 11-20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit the first infraction will result in a $100 fine. View: CPHA Resolution Concerning Presumptive Monetary Fines for Exceeding the Speed Limit Within The Village at Castle Pines.


Ride in an ES Patrol Car
A reminder that our ES patrol officers will provide courtesy rides within the Village should you be concerned that you are unable to drive yourself safely home. We will be there with fast, friendly service to anywhere in the Village. Call ES dispatch at 303-688-6447.