Alarm Service


Alarm Service companies

The Emergency Services department of the Castle Pines Homes Association monitors all resident alarm systems in the Village.

This is one of the amenities paid for by residents through their monthly assessments.

It is a requirement for residents to connect their alarm system to Emergency Services for monitoring which can be done through a regular (analog) or VoIP telephone line, a radio alarm transmitter, or cellular alarm transmitter.

For more information contact Emergency Services at 303.688.6447.

Alarm Service Companies

For assistance with your alarm system, the following companies can help. You should not contract with them to monitor your alarm as this is provided by the Castle Pines Homes Association. Each of these companies is familiar with the Village monitoring requirements.

  • Metro Security 303.469.7197
  • Mountain Alarm 877.381.6536
  • Epic Media Solutions 720.230.6614
  • Integrated Alarm 303.698.2698