Frequently Asked Questions

About Guest Clearance and Parking

The gate near my home is closed for the night. How do I get a pizza delivered to my house without sending the delivery guy all the way to Gate One?
Guests without an access code must enter through a staffed gate (See: Gate Hours and Locations). A faster option is to log into dwellingLIVE on your computer or smartphone to get a 4-digit pin number for the delivery person. Then simply call the restaurant and provide them with your address for delivery along with the 4-digit access code for the delivery driver; make sure to let them know to enter the Access Code at the key pad in the VISITOR LANE. Directions at the pin pad indicate that the guest must press the # key, enter the Access Code, and then press the * key. The access code will be good for a one-time entry in that same 24-hour period.

My Housekeeper (or Nanny or Babysitter or Piano Teacher, or Fish Tank Maintenance Guy, etc) comes to my house several times a week. Do I have to keep giving them a new Access Code every day or can I get them a Transponder?
Service providers that visit your home three or more times a week may receive a transponder for their vehicle. This transponder will only be active for 6 months at a time and will only allow entry through the gate that is on the same side of the Village as the resident’s home. Access cards are not sold to non-residents. The resident must come in with the service provider to the ES office to purchase a transponder; the service provider must bring their vehicle, vehicle registration, driver’s license and proof of insurance. Residents will be required to fill out: the Service Provider Transponder Form.

I am having a party. Can I get ONE Access Code for all of my guests to use?
Absolutely! This type of Access Code cannot be done through dwellingLIVE, instead you must contact the ES Administrator at least three days in advance of your event. Consider putting the access code on your party invitation with instructions on how to enter the code at the gate (# key + Access Code + * key). This special Access Code will only be good on the day of your event and will expire at midnight of that same day. The Emergency Services Administrator can be reached at 303-952-0924, Monday – Friday 7am – 3pm or by email to esadmin@thevillagecastlepines.com. On a related note, if your guests will be parking alongside the roadway you will need to fill out the Special Event Parking Request Form and submit it to ES at least 72 hours in advance of your event.

My house is hard to find from the Gate. Will the gate officer provide directions to my home?
Gate Officers will be able to provide turn by turn, printed directions for your guest.