The Village is Alive with


The Village is known for its beautiful views of the Front Range along with its spectacular pine forest, but a closer look reveals an amazing ecosystem full of fascinating and majestic wildlife.  Nature has provided the Village with an abundance of animals…everything from a wide array of birds, bunnies, and raccoons to deer and elk.  You might even get a glimpse of a bobcat or black bear!

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Wildlife Emergency Rescue and Rehabilitation Information

Living in Harmony with Wildlife


Wildlife Information Email

The Wildlife Committee is ready to help with any questions you might have about wildlife. For non-urgent questions or comments about Village wildlife, email wildlife@thevillagecastlepines.com.  A Committee member will respond to you within two business days.  Urgent issues, such as an injured or aggressive animal should be reported to Emergency Services (ES) at 303.688.6447. ES collaborates with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office when emergencies arise.

More Information:

Learn More: Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Guide to Living Responsibly with Wildlife

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