Keep Pickleball

Open and Fun for Everyone

Pickleball Open Play Rules

      All 4 courts have all levels of play. Observe players and decide which court is best for your experience and ability.

      Place your paddles in one of the racks, stacking left to right. Groups of 4 are color-coded. Players move to the court in groups of 4.

      The “Next up” indicator slides to the right after the group of 4 in front moves to the court.

      You may move YOUR paddle, but do not move anyone else’s.

      If you are in the next-up group, be ready to enter the court as soon as the current players finish.

      When you come off the court, put your paddle to the right of paddles that are stacked.

      No singles play if others are waiting; doubles only.


      The spirit of Open Play is that everyone gets to play with different players in a recreational and fun setting. Consider mixing it up and not always playing with the same group of 4; make new friends and help others improve their skills!