CPMDS Voluntary

Watering Restrictions

The Metro District’s sole source of water is from underground aquifers, a non-renewable resource, therefore Metro is requesting the residents’ cooperation with a voluntary summer watering schedule.

If your address ends with an even number, please set your irrigation system to water on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. If your address ends with an odd number, please set your irrigation system to water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Please do not water on Mondays. This day is reserved for no watering, and also allows our water storage tank to recover and refill after weekend use.

Easy Ways to Conserve Water

  • Water only early in the morning and after sundown to avoid the heat of the day and loss through evaporation. Most lawns get too much water.
  • Cut your watering time by 10 percent and lighten up on the fertilizer.
  • Tune up your automatic sprinkler system. Minor adjustments may make it work better for you.
  • Use mulch in planter areas to help retain moisture and fight weeds.
  • Set your irrigation system seasonally. Your lawn does not generally require as much water in the spring and fall as it does during the middle summer. The District has information available about turf water requirements.
  • During periods of rain put your irrigation system into a rain mode. When things dry up resume the voluntary schedule.
  • You may hand water with a hose and a functioning on/off nozzle on any day.
  • Please don’t let an open hose run as you wash your automobile or while you answer your telephone or attend to other interruptions.
  • Fix any leaking faucets or running toilets.
  • If you are designing new landscape or rejuvenating your old design, please consider Xeriscape plantings. Visit our office to see how beautiful Xeriscape truly can be.
  • If you see a broken irrigation head anywhere in the District, please be a “Good Neighbor” and notify us immediately. If it is the District’s system, we will take action to have it repaired immediately. The District will notify individual homeowners and sub-homes associations to help them correct the problem.

The Metro District has water conservation staff available to help with your irrigation schedule questions or problems. For assistance, please call the Metro District (303) 688-8330.

How the District is conserving water

  • The District’s maintained landscape will be watered using the voluntary schedule.
  • A staff member has been assigned to monitor all the irrigation in the Village and will shut our system down during periods of rain.
  • Irrigation will be set seasonally.
  • With no irrigation set to water on Monday, this will allow the water treatment plant to recharge our storage tank.
  • The District will analyze water bills monthly and notify excessive users to see if there is a water leak or other problem that can be corrected.
  • The District will be evaluating its maintained landscape to see if it would be appropriate to return some areas to native.