Alarm & Fire


We monitor all alarm systems and coordinate the appropriate response to all alarms.

  • The Village at Castle Pines building standards require all homes to be equipped with alarm monitoring systems and CPHA covenants require that resident alarm systems be operational with a phone line, radio alarm transmitter, or cellular alarm transmitter connected to CPES Dispatch.
  • CPES is one of only a few private communities that have received permission to monitor the closed radio system for State and Local law enforcement. As a result, CPES is able to respond quickly to all emergencies within the community that is engaged through the State’s 911 system.
  • CPES Officers are available to assist with basic alarm operation questions and to assist you regarding an alarm panel notification. Maintenance of your alarm system including password changes, setting or changing the zones in your home, and all other operational conditions of your system are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you are a new homeowner, we highly recommend that you contact the alarm provider noted on your alarm panel, or alternatively contact one of the providers in the Alarm Service Companies document below to assist you in setting up your alarm system. Should you wish to test your system to make sure that CPES is receiving a signal from your home’s alarm, please call ES Dispatch for assistance.

Alarm Service Companies

Documentation for your Homeowner’s Insurance
– If your insurance provider has requested documentation that your home has alarm monitoring, please contact esadmin@thevillagecastlepines.com and we can provide you a letter.

Fire Suppression – CPES Officers respond to all fires and fire alarms in the Village. We assist South Metro Fire Department as needed in fire suppression. CPES recommends that you have your home’s fire suppression system checked annually for maintenance by a professional service. Here is a list of Fire Protection and Sprinkler System Companies:

AAA Fire Protection – 303.340.3473

Platinum Fire Protection – 303.688.0177

Western States – 303.792.0022

Emergency Medical Services – CPES Officers respond to all medical emergencies and alarms in the Village at Castle Pines and provide basic life support services. South Metro Fire Department provides advanced life support and transport services.

Low Interior Temperature Alarm – Freezing temperatures outside can in turn make your pipes freeze. A low interior temperature alarm will alert Emergency Services and a Patrol Officer will come to your home to make sure that a pipe has not burst and flooding has resulted. A broken pipe and subsequent flooding damage can be easily prevented: if you are leaving town for an extended period of time, please remember to NOT turn off your furnace. Simply lower the furnace to a minimum of 65 degrees. And last but not least, please visit the Dispatch window and complete a Vacation Check Request Form so that ES can monitor your home while you are away.

Important Reminder from ES: Check Your Alarm Batteries
A good rule of thumb to help keep you and your family safe is to change out the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year; a helpful reminder is to make the change when you change your clocks for daylight savings time.