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The Village at Castle Pines is a gated community. You must clear your guests through dwellingLIVE or call Emergency Services Dispatch at 303-688-6447 for all guests and/or service personnel prior to their arrival. Calling in advance allows them prompt access to your home. Access may be denied if you fail to clear your guest(s) in advance and the gate officer is unable to contact you upon the guest’s arrival at the gate. The adherence to this system is very important to maintain the security and safety of the Village.


Gate Clearance
Residents are encouraged to use the dwellingLIVE website for guest clearance and to obtain access codes for their guest(s). An Access Code is a 4-digit number that can be obtained by logging on to the dwellingLIVE website or by calling ES Dispatch at 303-688-6447. The dwellingLIVE Access Control system allows residents to quickly and easily add guests and service providers that will be visiting their home, obtain Access Codes for visitors to enter through a gate after hours, and to update resident contact information – all from the convenience of your home computer or smartphone. Residents will still have the capability of calling ES for guest access; however, using utilizing the dwellingLIVE website will eliminate waiting during peak periods when calling Dispatch.


“How do I get the pizza guy to the house if the gate is closed?”
“Can my Nanny get a transponder?”
“Can my guests park alongside the road?”

FAQ’s on Gate Clearance


Clear guests in advance to avoid long lines and delays at the gates for both guests and visitors. ES recommends clearing your visitors through dwellingLIVE at least 30 minutes in advance of their arrival or as soon as you know when they are coming, even several days in advance. Please make sure your guests know your full name and address – this will enable the gate officer to quickly identify and locate your guest clearance permissions, and get your guests through the gates faster.


dwellingLIVE Website
dwellingLIVE Training Video
dwellingLIVE Resident Info Update Form


Gate Clearance Options

  • Clearance for a one-time visit per guest – access code can be obtained on the dwellingLIVE website or by calling ES Dispatch. Access Codes are required for entrance through a non-staffed gate or after hours.
  • Clearance for a “temporary” guest to enter the gates throughout the day – access code can be obtained on the dwellingLIVE website or by calling ES Dispatch.
  • Clearance for an event/party for multiple guests – an access code can only be obtained by calling the ES office at 303-688-6447.
  • Clearance for a service provider or contractor for the duration of service only – access code can only be obtained by calling the ES office at 303-688-6447.
  • Permanent clearance for family and friends – can be done through the dwellingLIVE website or by calling ES Dispatch – they must arrive through a staffed gate.


Guest and Contractor Parking
The Village at Castle Pines was envisioned as a mountain community with winding “country” roads surrounded by natural landscape and wooded forests. Parking alongside the roadway is a danger to other vehicles, a hazard for snowplows, and can prevent emergency service vehicles from reaching your home. The CPHA covenants prohibit all roadside parking within the Village.

If you are planning on having a party or event at your home that will require guests to park alongside the roadway you are required per the CPHA Covenants to submit a Special Event Parking Plan to Emergency Services for approval at least 72 hours in advance of the event. Read the new Parking Resolution approved by the CPHA Board. If you have questions or need to have a parking plan approved please contact the ES Administrator at 303-952-0924 or by email: esadmin@thevillagecastlepines.com.


Service Provider/Contractor Parking Plan Request Form

Service Provider/Contractor Parking Plan Request Form (Online Version)

Special Event Parking Plan Request Form


Policy Regarding Deliveries, Contractors, and Moving Vans
All contractors, service providers, moving vans and oversize delivery vehicles are
only allowed in the Village between the hours of 7:00am – 6:00pm MONDAY through
SATURDAY. Such services are prohibited on the following national holidays: New
Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and
Christmas. Exceptions may be made for delivery of interior household items or interior
work before the hour of 7:00am and after 6:00pm Monday through Saturday and on
Sunday which does not create exterior noise or disruption upon approval of Emergency
Services. Such services are prohibited on the recognized national holidays listed above.
Exceptions will be made in cases of emergency repairs (i.e. water leaks, electrical
problems, loss of phone service, etc.) upon approval of Emergency Services.
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