Builder Parking

Plan Request Form

Builder Parking Plan Request Form

Builder/Contractor/Service Personnel Parking Plan Request Form

Questions contact Emergency Services at 303-952-0924 Pursuant to CPHA Builder/Contractor Rules and Regulations, Section 8/9, all roads must be open for emergency vehicles/snow removal equipment. Construction vehicles and equipment are not to be left in the Village at Castle Pines overnight. Parking is limited to what is available on-site or in pre-approved location(s). Homeowners are required to submit a parking plan when having any building or landscaping done at their residence. Owners are responsible for ensuring guests and contractors comply with General Rules & Regulations. VEHICLES/EQUIPMENT MUST BE PARKED ON ONLY ONE SIDE OF THE STREET TO ALLOW FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLE ACCESS VEHICLES/EQUIPMENT MUST NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS, FIRE HYDRANTS OR MAILBOXES VEHICLES/EQUIPMENT MAY NOT BE PARKED IN A MANNER THAT MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO CPHA, METRO DISTRICT OR PRIVATE PROPERTY TO INCLUDE GRASS, SEEDED AREAS & ANY OTHER LANDSCAPING MATERIALS ARE NOT TO BE LEFT ON ANY ROADWAY NOTIFY NEIGHBORS TO MINIMIZE COMPLAINTS RESIDENT AND THEIR CONTRACTOR ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE ALL SUB-CONTRACTORS/SERVICE PERSONNEL FOLLOW THE APPROVED PARKING PLAN.
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