Realtor Information

As a realtor, here are some details about The Village of Castle Pines you need to know:

There is no other community like this in Colorado! As real estate agents, you know that means The Village is a good fit for clients looking for this lifestyle. But that also comes with the responsibility of ensuring your clients know what it means to live in a covenant controlled community. The documents below can ensure that your clients are informed and ready to make The Village their forever home.


It is the policy of the CPHA that all licensed real estate brokers be granted reasonable access to The Village at Castle Pines for the purpose of conducting real estate activities. The CPHA helps facilitate the activities of real estate brokers listing or showing property within The Village by upholding procedures that provide convenient access while preserving the privacy expected by The Village residents.

The Broker Access Policy and Procedure document provides guidance to real estate professionals with respect to when and how they gain access to The Village to show a property listed for sale, host an open house, and what signage is permitted.

To register a listing or request permission for an open house, realtors/brokers must complete the realtor/broker new listing form and return it to CPHA Emergency Services: fax, 303-688-4992 or email, to esadmin@thevillagecastlepines.com.  For questions, contact Emergency Services, 303-688-6447.


To learn more about The Village a representative of the Castle Pines Homes Association is available to speak at your next real estate office meeting or roundtable discussion. This is a great opportunity for more personalized contact and to ask questions that will help your real estate agents communicate to prospective buyers the unique and exclusive features found only in The Village at Castle Pines.