The Canyon Club and the Summit Club playing fields are available to residents and guests for outdoor sports activities.

Playing Field Reservation Form (PDF)

Canyon Club Playing Field

There is no guarantee for full-field availability. Up to two teams may be required to share this field. 

Summit Club Playing Field

As a smaller field, only one team will be scheduled on the field at a time. 

These multi-use fields are available as a convenience for Village residents for the purpose of team practices. Scheduled games may NOT be played on these fields.

Team Qualifications

To receive consideration, a team seeking to use the field must meet two conditions: First, the team roster must include a predominant number of Village residents on the playing roster.

Second, at least one coach or assistant coach must be a Village resident willing to accept responsibility for the team when it uses the Association facilities.

Registration of Team Members and Responsibility

The Village-resident team coach is the designated team sponsor and is personally responsible for providing the Association’s Emergency Services Department with a roster of all team members.

  • Team members from outside the Village are admitted to the Village as the sponsor’s guests. Guests and sponsors are subject to the regular Association Rules & Regulations. The essence of the Rules is to use common sense and extend courtesy and consideration to Village residents and other guests. Copies of the Rules can be had at the Association office.
  • Team member guests and their parents are to enter the Village through Gate 4 and announce themselves to the gate officer as team members en route to practice at the Canyon Club. The gate officer will verify membership by reference to the team roster. Rosters must be updated when team composition or coaching staff changes.
  • Coaches should take reasonable steps to adhere to reasonable noise levels and disruption to other residents. Each coach should respect nearby neighbors regarding excessive noise around dinner time.


Cost, Responsibility for Pick-Up, and Damage Repair

There is no fee for use of the play fields. However, each team and its sponsor are personally responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the fields and Association-provided equipment and the repair of any damage caused by the team’s use of the facilities. Upkeep generally means “pick up after yourself and your teammates” and “fix what you break;” it does not extend to mowing grass or emptying trash cans.


Field Availability

Call the Homes Association to check availability for your desired dates and times. Fields can be reserved up to 60 days in advance. There is no guarantee for full-field usage. 

If you have any questions or need additional information, please get in touch with the Homes Association.