Pine Branch Plaque

Pine Branch Plaques
Pine Branch plaques are small brass signs featuring The Village’s ponderosa pine branch logo.  The plaque may be affixed to the home’s mail box post to signify that the home is for sale.  No other for sale signs, including realtor signs, may be posted in the Village (see the link above to view the Broker Access Policy for more information on the use of realtor signs on an open house day only).

To purchase a pine branch plaque please visit the reception desk at the CPHA office M-F, 8 am – 5 pm.  The plaques are $25, paid by check made out the Castle Pines Homes Association or cash only is accepted.  Plaques may be returned for a refund if they are returned in a new and undamaged condition; the condition to be determined by the Homes Association. Questions?  Contact the CPHA office at 303.814.1345 or by email to admin@thevillagecastlepines.com