What’s in a Name?

Unwrapping the many names that define this community.


You’ll notice that the addresses for homes in the Village at Castle Pines read “Castle Rock,” but many residents will refer to the City of Castle Pines as their “home” city.

You might also see references to “The Village at Castle Pines” and others to “Castle Pines Village.” Or shortened to “The Village.” The Village was originally incorporated under the Castle Pines Village moniker, and in many founding documents, it is still referred to as such. However, in 2017 the Village rebranded and adopted the name “The Village at Castle Pines.” Some MLS listings still post the neighborhood name as Castle Pines Village, but indeed the official name of the neighborhood is The Village at Castle Pines.

The Village at Castle Pines is in unincorporated Douglas County, which provides an advantage for residents as we fall under the county sales tax. The Castle Pines Metro District provides the community’s roads and maintenance. And let’s not forget the Village Shops, which serve as the Village’s town center with restaurants, services, and shopping.

The Village at Castle Pines is nestled between Castle Rock and Castle Pines. While they may sound similar due to their names, they are distinct places with unique characteristics. Here are a few key differences between Castle Rock and Castle Pines:


Castle Rock is in Douglas County, Colorado, about 28 miles south of downtown Denver. On the other hand, Castle Pines is also located in Douglas County but is further to the north and slightly east of Castle Rock. Both are located off Interstate 25. The Village at Castle Pines is nestled directly between the two towns.

Size and Population

Castle Rock is larger in terms of land area and population than Castle Pines. Castle Rock has a larger downtown area and a more extensive range of amenities, services, and residential neighborhoods. Castle Rock’s population is 85,000 and is on a trajectory to be fully built out at 130,000 people. Castle Pines, while still growing, is generally smaller and more suburban in character.

Development History

Castle Rock has a longer history of development and settlement compared to Castle Pines. Castle Rock was established in the 1870s, initially as a quarrying community, while Castle Pines began development in the 1980s and experienced significant growth in the following decades. Neither community has a strong business presence as the areas around the Denver Tech Center and Lone Tree have more fully developed business strategies, thus resulting in both Castle Rock and Castle Pines being more residential communities.

Community Character

Castle Rock has a mix of historic and newer neighborhoods, with a bustling downtown area featuring shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Castle Rock also boasts the Castle Rock Outlets and the Promenade, two areas with many shopping options. Castle Pines is known for its upscale residential communities, often with large homes situated on spacious lots, and it tends to have a quieter and more secluded atmosphere. The shops in Castle Pines’ square have been developed to provide the amenities that residential customers seek.

Amenities and Services

Castle Rock offers a wider range of amenities and services due to its larger size and longer development history. This includes more shopping centers, recreational facilities, schools, and healthcare options than Castle Pines. Castle Rock and Castle Pines both offer community events. Some events in Castle Rock have a long history, such as the Castle Rock’s Starlighting event, which dates to 1936 during the Great Depression. The star on top of the rock was lit to give people hope in the dark days of winter. Today, it is lit in November, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and turned off at the end of the National Western Stock Show in Denver. (A fun fact that guides the norms for turning off holiday lights in the area, too)


While Castle Rock and Castle Pines are neighboring cities with some similarities, they have distinct identities and cater to different preferences in terms of lifestyle, housing, and community atmosphere. As residents of the Village at Castle Pines (or Castle Pines Village for those long-timers) you’ll get the best of both worlds nestled between the towns, among the open space and privy to those front range views. No matter your preference, you’ll love the convenience these communities provide our residents